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Monday, October 22, 2012

Circular Book Marketing

Circular book marketing used to include book readings at libraries, interviews on TV and radio, book signings at bookstores, and then talks at the local Rotary and the Ladies Club. The idea was to get a little grassroots campaign going to garner publicity. Successful book sales started this way spread like water flowing from a broken dam across the fertile fields of a flat valley of readers. The web provides a similar approach to marketing now. If you aren't using it, why not?

I've been reading more and more book reviews recently. I'm fascinated by what readers find compelling enough to write about and reading what makes them think a book is a good read, and it's not usually the grammar or the punctuation. In fact, that's never mentioned. So, you have to face it - readers want a story!

Some of the best reviews I've seen are on blogs like  Tic Toc, where author Leslie Ann Wright does a great job of deconstructing each book's true story. When I'm ready to pick up a book, that's the information I really want: is it a good read.

Wright is also working a bit of circular book marketing, whether she intended to or not. She's a great reviewer, so her work is shown on blogcritics, and from there blogs are picked-up by other web sites, like the Seattle PI's. Each of those posts list her name with links to places like Goodreads, and her own book is listed several times.

That all creates something the search engines love, organic links. Google has very sophisticated algorithms for finding "popular" keywords, and they are able to distinguish between what they consider quality pages, and spam. You can't beat the algorithms with junk anymore, and you can't achieve high page rankings or listings with junk either.

These days, in the same way that readers want a great story, search engines want a great web of quality backlinks to choose how high in relevance to rate key words. Without those links, you'll have trouble getting noticed - and no publicity is no sales. You've got to get the word out, but it's got to be a good word.

So, if you're looking for a point here, it's not just the review that's selling your books, it's the reviewer and the links on the pages of the reviewer and how those links are read by search engines. A blog page with 100 hits a day doesn't do you much good if there are no links to and from it. If you have an author's page or a book page for your own work, make sure it has backlinks (links to the page) as well as links to other quality sites.  Without those links you wonk rank high enough with the search engines to ever get noticed!

Thanks for reading - Al W Moe

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