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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Author Blog Marketing

Blogging started out as a great way to connect daily with your friends; an open journal. Today we've got Facebook, so the blogging idea has morphed into a more organized way of marketing. That's good and bad.

When I was growing up, a few friends and I used to do a lot of running, just for the fun of it. One of them, Fred Schumann, went to the extreme when he ran the length of Japan on a 2,000-mile journey that took him fifty-nine days to complete. He later blogged about it - now that's something you'd want to read about each day. And that's what brings readers back to blogs on a regular basis - great stories.

If you're using a blog to sell your books, you're going to have to offer something extra each post to get new readers. My Nevada Casino History blog is written because I love old casino photos and stories. If I sell a few extra books in a somewhat organic way, that's just a nice bonus for me. Every blog that offers something nice has a huge advantage over the ones that are all marketing and no substance.

 A good example is Jessie B Tyson's blog, where I downloaded a free copy of SpaceHive today, by author Kenna McKinnon. You can get your own copy while the offer is still up! Jessie is herself, an author, with a new book called White Heaven Women, a spooky paranormal story.

Jessie says she considers herself to be a Spiritual Christian, but that doesn't stop her from writing paranormal fiction. Her stories come from vision-like dreams that she turns into enjoyable tales. I guess she's not afraid of the dark, but her readers might be after finishing her book! White Heaven Women is just $3.99 on Kindle.

Thanks for reading - Al W Moe

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