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If you have started a blog, let’s hear about it. Use the comment form below this article to tell us a few things about you and your blog. I guarantee I’ll take a look, and so will plenty of other people. In fact, I’ll happily join your site with Google Friend Connect if it is worth reading, and my friends will hear about it!

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When someone joins your blog, click on their Member name to see if they have a blog. If you like their site, return the favor by joining.

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If you add a Twitter feed to your blog it’ll give us all a chance to Tweet about your amazing writing. Don’t let your readers down by posting inane, boring stuff. Give everyone something to talk about! Where else can you set up a free account and get some publicity - maybe starting with your link in the comments below?

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Now go back to writing your blog for a while, your work here is done for the day, but check back here tomorrow for more Author Book Marketing ideas!

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