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The Ultimate Key to Successful Blogging

Would you like to be sitting on your deck in a tropical paradise instead of grinding away at a 9-5 job you hate? Do you like to write?

Professional bloggers from all over the world have learned how to make hundreds of dollars each day by just writing about what they know, and what they love. You can be one of them!

Writing a blog is easier than you think, and you don't need a 500-page text book to teach you what you need to succeed. Check out The Ultimate Key to Successful Blogging and you can be on your way to changing careers.

In less than 70 pages you'll learn how to choose a blog name, what key words to use, how to get readership, how to add automatic RSS feeds, how to automatically send email notices of new posts, and how to monetize your blog so the money goes directly to your own account while you sit back and write - from anywhere your heart desires.

Right now the Kindle edition of this exciting new book is just $2.99 with a guarantee of links, new subscribers, backlinks, and what you need to establish yourself as an expert and optimize your SEO so Google and Yahoo! rate your blog highest.

Want to see how a name makes a difference? Open a new browser window and type in: Nevada casino history. That's right, #1 and top of the page. And, that's just one of the author's blogs!

Al Moe is the successful author of four books, but he also blogs at places like Casino Gambling for About.com, a New York Times company. But did you know that just placing that link to his blog on About.com improves his SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rankings? Bloggers and book authors alike need ways to get the word out and create sources of traffic for their sites, and there are plenty of references on exactly how to do a great job.

Even with a goal, many people fail to act. Don't be one of the masses! Take another look at that beautiful tropical cove on the cover and take the plunge! Learn to blog in an afternoon with Al Moe's concise overview presented in just 60 pages of text! Order the Kindle edition and be reading in two minutes!

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