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Circular Book Marketing and Web SEO

Circular book marketing used to include book readings at libraries, interviews on TV and radio, book signings at bookstores and then talks at the local Rotary and the Ladies Club. The idea was to get a little grassroots campaign going to garner publicity. Successful book sales started this way spread like water flowing from a broken dam across the fertile fields of readers. You can still make a dent in your paperback sales by following a similar path. For everyone else, the web-savvy sellers, and those who are learning, you've got to produce a circular-style bunch of links to your website and your friendly book bloggers and sales outlets. I read a lot of books, more than I write, and I also read a lot of book reviews. Usually, I'm looking for something about the story a book brings, but I take everything the reviewer says and let my mind wander over their words before making up my mind. I don't get too hung up on an editing error or two, I want that great story!
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The Power of a "First" Free Book

Want to be a successful self-published author? Consider sacrificing your first-born new book to the reading (and buying) masses. It’s not a new idea in self-publishing I blogged about it eight years ago and got a terse comment from another author who said I was behind the times. That might be. Still, driving future sales with a book giveaway is one of the best features of Amazon's Kindle program. The marketing aspects are sound - introduce readers to an author's work and hope there's a land-swell of interest and word of mouth that propels new sales. It’s especially powerful in the age of KU, or Kindle Unlimited. Read New Books for Free Kindle Unlimited isn’t free books; it’s an unlimited reading of a large group of what Amazon has to offer, at $9.99 each month. It used to be that readers couldn’t pass up a free book. Now, with KU, you’ve got a lot more competition, so, even if the idea of a free book is sound, it only translates to future sales if the author

"Getting Thin is Murder" By Al W Moe

Well, it's finally available - Getting Thin is Murder , by Al W Moe is now featured at Amazon as a Kindle offering and a 6x9 softbound book. - CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; (January 1, 2017) ISBN-10: 1542304938 ISBN-13: 978-1542304931 ASIN B01N6MR9A5 * Description - A year ago, baseball player Blair Saxon was enjoying his Major League Debut. Today, he’s wasting away on a west coast beach, the victim of a 95-mile per hour fastball to the head. He’s direct, abrasive, and speaks without filters, so it’s understandable that the police don’t want his help. When the killer gets too close, Saxon turns to his one remaining friend, Megan, the only one who will tolerate his strange ideas and strange desires. Together as amateur detectives, they do what the police detectives can't, they find suspects. But are they resourceful enough to keep themselves alive? I hope you'll take a look at my latest novel. If you've got the time, drop a comme

Why Kindle's Great

Anne Kelleher There are certainly good points about publishing with a mainstream imprint, especially when it comes to marketing. A big first-printing guarantees a big marketing budget, often enough to catapult a good book to best-seller lists. But what about the hungry masses? What about those of us who toil all day and never get a contract? Well, that's the cool thing about eBooks and especially Amazon's Kindle. Mainstream book publishers have definitely missed  gems on many occasions, the most recent of which is Kathryn Stockett's The Help , which was passed over by dozens of agents and publishers before being picked-up and entering the higher echelon of best sellers. It's a great read. It's also a bit pricey at $11.95 on Kindle. That price helps illustrate that there is no better showcase in the world for your book than Amazon. The audience is huge, the page views are huge, and even without a major publisher, a good author can get their work seen - a

Well Kindle Me Happy

After a year of marketing research based on three different authors (and their nine different books), their marketing plans, their previously hard-earned money spent (mostly from non-writing jobs), and their overall goals and aspirations, I have come to one very simple truth: Kindle. While most of you already know that Kindle is King for many authors, the overall power of selling on Amazon in digital format compared to actual softbound (Think: Create Space) format is profound. And it doesn't seem to matter what the book genre was. That's what is a bit confusing and strange. But there's a reason: self-published authors aren't any better at getting their books into bookstores today than they were 20 years ago! Still not surprised? I guess I shouldn't be either, but at this point I really can't see the good side of spending the bulk of your marketing and advertising budget on softbound or hardbound book sales, regardless of who prints 'em. Using Create Sp

Vegas and the Mob - Internal Marketing

Sometimes you've got to throw caution to the wind and plug your own work. No matter how much marketing you have done for your latest book, your own words may be the difference between a successful campaign and a dud. Throwing caution and modesty to the wind, I give you my latest work: Vegas and the Mob . The truth about Las Vegas, unlike the watered-down versions you might have heard elsewhere. Sin City was the Mob’s greatest venture and most spectacular success, and through forty years of frenzy, the FBI watched, listened on phone tapes, and did virtually nothing. Thank goodness for that, because Vegas wouldn’t be what it is today without the Mob! Two of the nation’s most powerful crime family heads went to prison in the 1930’s, Al Capone, and Lucky Luciano. Frank Nitti took over the Chicago Outfit while, Frank Costello ran things for the Luciano Family. Both men were influenced by their bosses from prison, and both sent enough gangsters onto the streets to influen

Virtual Book Tour - Get Bang for Your Buck!

A virtual book tour can help get the good word out about your latest novel and it can be cheap, quick, and effective. But it’s rare to have all those qualities. Most virtual book tours are centered on book blogs that have little to no readership, little interaction with the blogger, and will require plenty of extra work from you. Don’t expect to pay the fee and be done working! Sure, you wrote the book, but the tour bloggers probably won’t. Ideally, every blogger would read your book, do a quality review of it for their readers, and some of those readers would click the links, check out your site, and buy a copy. That doesn’t always happen. Make sure you ask the who, what, where, when, and why questions. Who’s Doing My Tour? So, who’s going to do your tour, and where are the tour stops? You really need to know which sites are going to be hosting your book. Do they have any readership? Are they going to actually review your book? Are they going to post a question and answer sess